Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Derby woolly possum (Caluromys derbianus)

The Derby woolhair possum has a slender build with a head-trunk length of 18 to 30 cm and a tail of 27 to 49 cm long. 
The weight is 200 to 400 grams. 
The dense, soft, woolly coat is reddish to orange-brown in color, although there are regional color variants with gray fur. 
A dark brown stripe runs from the forehead to the muzzle. 
There is a gray spot in the center of the back. 
The underside of the body is white to golden brown in color. 
The tail is partly white and bare with brown spots and partly (one third to half) hairy. 
Adult males have a distinctive blue scrotum. 
The pouch is well developed in the woolly possum. 
The ears are creamy white to pink in color. 
The front legs and feet are light colored and the fingers and toes, except for the opposable thumbs, have claws. 
The woolly possum has several ape-like specializations, such as a strong prehensile tail, dexterous hands, and larger and more forward-facing eyes than other possums.

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