Thursday, October 29, 2020


The most notorious highwayman and murderer from Twente was without a doubt Huttenkloas. 
This criminal, born as Klaas Annink, lived around 1750 with his family in a shabby hut. 
Huttenkloas committed several murders to raise money. 
First alone, later with the help of his wife and son, he hit his victims with an ax into the 'resines'. 
Almost everyone around him suspected something, but no one dared to report it. 
"Think of it, oene hoes is made of hoalt en streu", Kloas threatened. 
Huttenkloas himself went for an ax when he went to church in the clothes of one of his victims. 
He was arrested and imprisoned for over a hundred days in a compulsory chair, after which he was publicly sentenced to death. 
The ceremony attracted more than 20,000 visitors: it was the trial of the century. 
What such a good beer as no such good for him. 
Then it would fall to pieces easier. 

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