Tuesday, March 5, 2019

The world's largest plant (Rafflesia arnoldii)

The plant Rafflesia arnoldii has the largest solitary flower in the world.
To view this flower you will have to dive into the rainforests of Borneo, Sumatra, the Philippines or Malaysia. He only occurs in these places.

The flower of the Rafflesia arnoldii can reach a diameter of almost one meter and a weight of no less than 11 (!) Kilos.
Besides the fact that the plant has the largest solitary flower on the ground, it is also nice to know that the plant itself is a rather misunderstood organism.
The plant does not have any clear leaves or carrots and thus looks even more like a fungus than on a plant.
Only the gigantic flower makes us recognize it.
When you start looking for it, the smell of rotting meat that comes from the plant can always help you in your search.

5 pictures of the Rafflesia arnoldii


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