Saturday, June 8, 2024

Saint Michael and the dragon

High in heaven, where light and glory reign, Archangel Michael watched over peace. 
But that peace was brutally shattered by the rise of a dark dragon. 
With flaming eyes and poisonous breath, he sowed chaos and threatened to devour the kingdom of heaven. Michael, clad in radiant armor, seized his flaming sword and bravely descended to do battle. 
The collision was unrelenting. 
The dragon roared furiously as Michael dodged his attacks with agility and strength. 
The battle raged long and fiercely. 
The sky rang with the screams and lightning flashes of their clashes. 
Michael, despite his courage, began to suspect. 
The dragon was strong and tireless. 
But Michael was not alone. 
Encouraged by the songs of angels, he drew new strength from his faith. 
With one final, powerful thrust, he pierced the dragon's heart. 
The dragon roared one last time and fell, defeated. 
Peace returned to heaven. 
Michael, the victor, was honored as a hero. 
His courage and determination had defeated evil and protected the light.
The legend of Saint Michael and the dragon lives on as a symbol of hope and inspiration. 
It reminds us that even in the darkest of times, the light will always triumph. 
Moral: Good courage and determination can defeat even the greatest dragons. 
The light will always win, no matter how strong the darkness seems. 
We all have the power to do good and protect the world from evil.

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