Thursday, October 21, 2021

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

Once upon a time there lived a poor tailor with a son named Aladdin. 
That was an indifferent and lazy boy. 
He did nothing and played in the street all day. 
This made his father so sad that he died. 
As much as his mother cried and pleaded, Aladdin didn't get better. 
One day, when Aladdin was playing in the street as usual, a stranger asked him how old he was and whether he was the son of Mustapha the tailor. 
"Yes, I am, sir," replied Aladdin, "but my father died long ago." 
At these words the stranger, who was a famous African sorcerer, fell on his neck. 
He kissed him and said, "I'm your uncle. 
I recognized you because you look so much like my brother. 
Go quickly to your mother and tell her I'm coming."...

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