Thursday, October 6, 2016

Baron Bliss Lighthouse (Belize)

Baron Bliss Lighthouse is a lighthouse in Belize City. 
Established in 1885, it has a focal plane of 16 m (52 ft) and is painted white and red.
It is named after one of Belize's greatest benefactors, Baron Bliss, who is known to have never actually set foot on Belizean shores but was impressed with the people's warm hospitality.
He was a sailor and fisherman who traveled the world aboard his yacht the "Sea King". 
On March 9, 1926, Baron Bliss died leaving instructions that he be buried in a granite tomb near the sea, enclosed with an iron fence with a lighthouse built nearby. 
This is why this monument was constructed (in remembrance of him) and also at the location where it stands today.

The five best pictures and wallpapers of Baron Bliss Lighthouse at Belize.

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