Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Dynjandi (Iceland)

The Dynjandi (also called the Fjallfoss or mountain waterfall) is the largest waterfall in the western fjord area in northwestern Iceland.
The water in the river comes from the Dynjandisá Dynjandisheiði plateau and plunges over a width of 30 meters at the top and 60 meters at the bottom of more than 100 meters cascading down.
A little further downstream are still several other waterfalls, from top to bottom sequentially Hæstahjallafoss the Strompgljúfrafoss the Göngumannafoss (where one can walk behind), the Hrísvaðsfoss the Hundafoss and finally the Bæjarfoss.
The water flows through the Dynjandisvogur in Arnarfjörður (Eagle Fjord).

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